Union Lock Industrial and Trading Corporation is engaged in the sale, rendering, and marketing of industrial products and services to wide range of industries such as cement, power plant, and manufacturing.

Established in 1999, Union Lock is the successful result of years of extensive experience, training, and leadership of its founders. Equipped with broad knowledge, proven skills, and unwavering determination, they have created a thriving and continually growing business that boast an impressive and unparalleled roster of fully serviced and highly satisfied clients.

Key to the superior performance of Union Lock is the wide network of its outstanding principals from whom it sources its distributed products and services. These leaders are backed by solid reputation in their respective country of origin being either the pioneer, biggest or both in the business, as well as global success and reliable accreditation.

Furthermore, the Company lies on the strength of its effective distribution, product, and service quality that has met the most stringent standards worldwide. It continuously enhances this by tapping strategic areas in Europe and Asia. Quality control is ensured as it is guaranteed by ISO international standards certification.


  • To offer and provide the safest, fastest, and most reliable industrial products and services for medium- and large-scale industrial and manufacturing companies in the Philippines and different countries across the globe;
  • To continually seek growth through adherence to the highest quality standards, employee and work skills development, and superior competence in management; and
  • To conduct business based on deeply rooted and highly regarded principles of industry, honesty, and integrity.


To become the premiere, most preferred, and highly trusted Philippine industrial and trading corporation by its distributors and clients in the local and international markets.

Awards and Citations